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Armed Services YMCA of the USA



The Armed Services YMCA makes military life easier by providing programs and services to the young men and women of all five armed services: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

Our three areas of focus allow us to support 500,000 young enlisted soldiers, sailors, and airmen, and their families each year with the help of gracious donors and stalwart volunteers.


Where your support goes

At its 34 branches and affiliates, supporting 59 of our largest military installations, the ASYMCA offers unique essential programs such as childcare, hospital assistance, spouse support services, food services, deployment, support, emergency support, computer training classes, counseling, wounded warrior support, wounded family support, health and wellness services, and holiday programs that are tailored to the specific needs of the military community on the local level. In addition to these locations, the ASYMCA and its programs are implemented by partners at eleven affiliated community YMCAs, as well as seven Department of Defense affiliates worldwide, that have large military communities and are able to benefit from ASYMCA programming.


The results 

The ASYMCA has only about 500 employees, while relying on more than 10,000 volunteers to deliver 112,000 volunteer hours, saving the organization over 2.5 million dollars while being able to offer our free or low-cost programs and services to more than 500,000 service members and their families annually. By operating out of free donated spaces, and keeping staff costs low, we are able to focus on programs and services.