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Marina Galiatsatou

I am a 25year old womenswear designer, i come from Athens, Greece and i have lived there until i moved to Florence,Italy in 2012.In my city there was and there is an explosion of art and culture practically everywhere and even though it’s not contemporary, it offers the base of art and architecture and much more, and i have always been interested in starting points. Before moving to Italy, i studied History and Theory of Art at the University of Fine Arts in Greece. For four years i was in an environment of full of contemporary artists ,sculptors and a lot more when at the same time i was learning about the history behind art.This has helped me grow a sensibility and has influenced me for life.Ever since i started studying fashion in Polimoda, and after working on two collections in the past years i have realised I am very interested in the construction of the garments, the manipulation of patterns, the redefinition of their rules.As a result, when i think about garments the first thing that comes to my mind is the how, how could i redefine its rules , where would i put the cuts and how this would affect essentially the whole balance