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Gino Anthonisse

Gino Anthonisse (1988) is a Dutch menswear designer based in The Hague, The Netherlands. He studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and graduated in 2014. He got the opportunity to live and work in Antwerp during his internship at Christian Wijnants in the summer of 2013. After graduating in 2014 he became part of the collective Das Leben am Haverkamp. The collective Das Leben am Haverkamp is formed by four young fashion designers – Anouk van Klaveren, Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker and Gino Anthonisse. All the members have their individual label, and present it collectively. Together they create the novel context necessary for their unrestricted way of working and thinking. As a designer he is always searching for wonder. He believes that we think we know everything nowadays and this mindset is reflected in our everyday life. Because everything in life is declared and already has a reason. Real wonder is something that doesn’t exist in our society anymore. Gino Anthonisse reflects on this by combining classic garments and ethnic elements together with strange materials, techniques and accessories to create designs that are surprising as well as astonishing and that will bring back wonder into our lives. By using a collage technique he creates designs that are surprising as well as surreal astonishing. This technique is also shown in his new installation of the collection MADODA, where the mannequins look like they are coming out of the wall. Half mannequins dressed in pieces of his latest collection combined with paper prints of the pieces of clothing make the installation a surreal experience where 2D and 3D come together.