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Gioia Seghers

Gioia Seghers pace the new wave of young Belgian designers. Graduated from La Cambre in Brussels, the designer of Italian origin, creates a balanced female cloakrooms, among modern cuts and attention to details. Different prizes, such as Dior Prize, Weekend Fashion Award, Prize Essential free, and the prize RA Antwerp, can testify of her talent. Inspired by art, by the body and movement, her desire is to assemble a timeless wardrobe with a scalable story over the seasons. The lines are clean, smooth and strong. Each piece includes a desire to explore and merge the styles of an era with a contemporary reality. Creating a unique silhouette, Gioia Seghers inspires elegance and fluidity. She offers a clothing whose aesthetic does not abolish the function of the garment. This is an honest and straightforward approach, but also developed and refined one. Passionate about the fabric, it govern her creations. Noble, such as wool, silk and cotton, it is chosen meticulously in Italy where are established her main suppliers. The clothes are produced in Belgium in order to offer to her customers a remarkable finish.

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