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Andrea Lalanza

My Name is Andrea Lalanza, I'm spanish designer based in Barcelona. My label is called as Andrea Lalanza. My first Collection I realized, it's about my family, especially about my dearest father. I have wanted to dedicate to him, since he left years ago.

Many tears, millions have wet your face, your hot face of complexion, some have been trapped in the heart forever and others have come to light to flourish as beautiful buds that provides nature in this life cycle again. These drops segregated from the deepest of our hearts have been released after intense days, months i years of pain that you’re slowly overcoming it.

A society in which from the point of view of design, this poorly made, because the design is not based on the person, but will design in service of each. A design that does not flow and not worth. Currently a company in critical condition that we consume and eats more and more ones and others. The design then this service which? And that is to serve who? This Social level who suffers and feels, a latent chaos, needed the support of someone when everything is critical. This support is very important since all human beings feel the need for support when there is no light. When we need the brightness that illuminates our lives, our path and guide actions in the form of mist, into the correct order. In all the tears shed by that feeling anguished and so powerful that we consume. Persons who have passed the pain with you and continue to suffer in some way. This intense memories that will remain with us the rest of our lives, although fraguen through the passage of the years, continue to perpetual in our hearts, in our lives and in society. Currently in a society in which we are all unanimous everything what is happening to our around. The new tears have sprouted, flourished and becoming in hope, joy, and love. The negative projection of the sentiment has changed in other values that prevail most hopeful adjectives

Thuy Doan