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Founder, Janeane Marie created her collection of minimalist shapes and a subdued color palette to reference the sea at night. Swim Noir veers from mainstream swimwear and focuses on women who appreciate clean, modern design steeped in classic and enduring shapes and patterns, featuring nour-ish luxury and fine fabrics sourced in Italy. She is a woman who values utmost quality and longevity in the pieces she chooses. She craves edge and unconventional details. After graduating from AI in Portland, Oregon and creating her own eponymous line, Janeane's design took her to WPB and NYC. She and her musician husband eventually settled back in WPB to give Manta its roots to grow. In an industry that is notorious for the negative footprint that it creates, we strive to take every measure that leads to real change. Her years of working for larger brands took Janeane to Asia for sourcing and manufacturing. These experiences molded her beliefs in transparency concerning ethical sourcing and production. She became dedicated to the idea of creating a brand of apparel that is made in the USA. MANTA believes in people first. The choice to produce the collection entirely in America is the most effective way to put this into action. Our Factories and Fabric Printers are in South Florida, and we have collaborative relationships with them. As part of the #FashionRevolution, MANTA is committed to humanitarian practices across the entire supply chain, from sourcing to production, and appreciating every individual involved in the process.

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