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Sage Townsend

Sage Townsend is a British artist and designer/maker, based in London. Previously trained in a Fine Art background whilst living in Liverpool, she was awarded the Adrian Henry Fellowship where she developed drawings and large-scale paintings that have been exhibited and sold globally. Interested in cultural representations of sexuality and heavily influenced by her trips to India where she encountered artwork depicting the Kama Sutra, Sage explores two-dimensional linear definitions of hybrid anatomy and the reproductive system in a graphic manner. After being honoured with The Cordwainers’ MA Scholarship, The Leathersellers’ Company Educational Award and Better Lives Procter & Gamble Award, Sage has recently completed an MA in Fashion Artefact at the London College of Fashion. Aiming to imbue her work with a cross cultural dialogue about attitudes and aesthetic values relating to female genitalia, the underlying message of her creative projects is that expectations should be challenged by promoting fashion accessories to act as more than just functional or aesthetic objects and to define their role as a platform to explore and address political, ethical and social ideas and expectations.

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