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Children's Health Fund


Children's Health Fund delivers high-quality health care to America's most disadvantaged children.


Children's Health Fund envisions a future where all children in America get the care they need to be healthy and ready to reach their potential in learning and in life.

In manifesting that vision, Children's Health Fund develops innovative and comprehensive models; reduces health barriers to learning; addresses the needs of vulnerable children in times of public health crisis; and advocates for the health and well-being of children.  


Over the years, Children's Health Fund has replicated this approach across the country. Today, the National Network provides care through 25 innovative pediatric care programs and affiliates that serve children in poor rural and urban communities across the country. Each program is affiliated with a major teaching hospital or community health center, and reaches out to children in federally designated health professional shortage areas. This network has cared for over 350,000 children in some of the most disadvantaged rural and urban communities in the nation.