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ChildFund International


ChildFund protects children’s well-being by strengthening relationships among children, parents, community members, local organizations, teachers and schools, governments and others. Together, we improve children’s lives — at every age, from infancy to young adulthood — with better nutrition, health, safety, education and skills so it’s possible for them to dream, achieve their potential and contribute to their communities. 


For infants and young children, ChildFund’s programs focus on ensuring improved nutrition, health, safety and early learning experiences.

Programs for children and young teensfocus on increased learning, health, positive relationships with peers and adults, and skills for active participation in family, school and community life.

For youth, our programs focus on improved employment, sexual and reproductive health, and civic engagement and leadership.


Worldwide, 570 million children live in extreme poverty, vulnerable to many factors that threaten their well-being. Children need protection, support and care at each stage of childhood to stay safe, healthy, learning and on track to achieve their potential. ChildFund works with local partner organizations, governments, corporations and individuals to help create the safe environments children need to thrive.