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Prevent Blindness


Our mission is to prevent blindness and preserve sight.


We educate. We get the word out on better eye health through brochures, fact sheets, public service announcements, newsletters, media campaigns, special events, the web and social media. Each year millions of people read, hear or see our messages about early detection of eye disease and prevention of accidents that can cause permanent loss of sight. Our website and Resource Center (1-800-331-2020) put us within reach of anyone with Internet access or a phone.

We support groundbreaking research. The Joanne Angle Investigator Award provides funding for research investigating public health related to eye health and safety.  All research grants promote the core mission of Prevent Blindness – preventing blindness and preserving sight. Through our Focus Initiative, we support the collection and publication of prevalence and economic data to help health care providers, state government and national policy makers make better decisions about eye and vision health.

We champion access to care. We advocate for public policies that improve health systems nationwide and provide better access to eye health care. We work to connect patients to appropriate eye care, including distributing vouchers from industry partners for free or reduced cost eye exams and glasses to low income families in need. 


The annual Focus on Eye Health National Summit has become a key venue to elevate the national dialogue around vision and significant public health issues such as surveillance, access, prevention messaging, service integration, and program development and replication.  It’s also been a strong springboard to release important new public health information, including prevalence data with Vision Problems in The U.S., economic information with Cost of Vision Problems, and forecasting data on the potential future prevalence and costs with The Future of Vision.