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Friends of Animals


Friends of Animals is a non-profit, international animal advocacy organization, incorporated in the state of New York since 1957. Friends of Animals works to cultivate a respectful view of nonhuman animals, free-living and domestic.


Animal Rights

The right of animals to be free from exploitation, domination and abuse by humans.


Chimpanzee Refuge Project

The Gambian Chimpanzee Sanctuary


Domesticated and Feral Animals

Domesticated: Trained or adapted to be of use to humans. Feral: Returned to an untamed state after domestication.


Free-living Animals & Their Environment

To live free, animals need a place to live.


Primarily Primates

FoA has joined with the nation’s original primate sanctuary, Primarily Primates.


Spaying & Neutering

Since 1957, FoA has facilitated over two million spay/neuter procedures.



The direct application of the principles of animal rights.


Our spay/neuter program has been a success for more than five decades. We have operated the only nationwide breeding control program in the United States facilitating more than 2.5 million spay/neuter procedures. 

Primarily Primates

Our partnership with Primarily Primates, the nation’s original primate sanctuary, has been a huge success.  We’ve worked together to create a sanctuary that provides a lifelong home for chimpanzzes,  monkeys, birds and other animals used in laboratory expieriments, abandoned as pets or from the entertainment industry.

Our Wildlife Law Program

We're very pleased with our Wildlife Law Program which was launched in 2013 to fill a niche between animal and environmental activism. The program focuses on the defense of wildlife and their habitats throughout the world and has already had excellent success so far, including having a ruling passed to protect three African atelope species from U.S. canned hunting and having five types of sturgeons considered for "endangered species" status. 

Our Work in Africa

We have assisted anti-poaching efforts in Africa by delivering important equiptment such as aircraft, uniforms, and tents to hot-spots to assist rangers. We funded a 24-month program, as well, that aimed at protecting the chimpanzees of Senegal. We also assisted with constructing a well, within the perimeter of the village of Ethiolo, resulting in easy and unhindered access to water for the families who reside there.

Anti-fur Campaign

Our anti-fur campaign efforts have been successful in reaching reaching the public and the media through different tactics such as innovative billboards and magazine advertisements and encouraging consumers to say no to the fur industry.

Educating the Public

We work hard to educate the public about animals and their rights in hopes that it will create an increased respect for animals and decrease human interference in their lives. We have designated a week in March to be "Tundra Swan Watching Week",  conducted hunting surveys, investegated and exposed important information regarding the treatment of animals, and published a wide variety of educational brochures and pamphlets.